Geckos in the Elevator

by Jean Caffeine

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    11 song, three panel cool lookin' digipack with original artwork by Jean Caffeine. Graphic design by Jean Caffeine and Cynergy Studies, Raleigh, N.C. Photos by Sabrina Armani and Luann Williams.

    All songs by Jean C. Shared writing credits with Chuck Prophet on "Jane Rearranged" , and with Rae Billing on "Revolving Door" and "Devil I Know".

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"Geckos in the Elevator” reflects on Jean's life history and her more recent travels which include a year in Bangkok, Thailand and several years in Ontario, Canada." The album was recorded in several places along the way: Hamilton, ON, San Francisco, California and Austin, TX.

Sadie Saturday Nite" looks back on a young girl's discovery of the SF punk scene. "Hey Austin" is a love letter to Austin, TX. "Love Letters from Laos" is an intercontental love story. "Jane Rearranged" is a poppy reflection on a New York story with shout outs to Susan Vega. "Mary O'Shea" is a gothic, celtic tale inspired by a visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario". "Winterland" paints a snowy picture while looking back on distinct chapters in Jean's life.

The cd artwork was created by Jean, much of which was featured in an art exhibition of prints, collages and hand made books in Canada. The exhibit was also called, "Geckos in the Elevator".


released August 9, 2011

guitars: Mike Trebilcock, John Kovach, Chuck Prophet, Jean Caffeine
bass: Ned Doherty, Tom Altobelli
drums: Thor, Mike Rittenhouse, Rusty Miller
keyboards: J.J. Weisler, Rusty Miller, Derek Morris
guest vocals: Penelope Houston, Julie Lawler Grady, Ava Kovach, Chelle Murray, Mike Trebilcock
calliope: Matt Henry Cunitz

recording and production:
Chuck Prophet and J.J. Weisler at Decibelle Studios, SF
Mike Birthelmer at Chatham Gardens Studio, Hamilton, ON
Rob Halverson at Treeworld Studios, Austin, TX

additionally tracking, mixing and mastering at
Sounds Outrageous, Austin, TX with Lars Göransson


all rights reserved



Jean Caffeine Austin, Texas

“I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a fan! -Townes Van Zandt

"Miss-Alternative-County-before- Alternative-Country-was-Cool", Dallas Morning News

"Brenda Lee meets Patti Smith"-Austin American Statesmen.

" A fully realized creative vision..." Blurt

".. upper echelon of sainted local singer-songwriters." Austin Chronicle

"...slanted and enchanted" - Morning News
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Track Name: Lucky Penny
heads you lose
throw salt off your shoulder
tails I win
a fortune cookie and a four leaf clover.
Track Name: Hey Austin
Gonna drag my heart right out of this town
or someone will claim it in the lost and found
cuz where I am now, it's gonna break in two

I had lots of fun driving around
On 1-35 to Mopac South
Blasting the "Believer’s", "It’s a Hard Road”

Feeling tired and my hair is a mess
but it’s the biggest party in the Southwest
I gotta buck up. I would be sorry to miss it

Hey Austin, Hey Austin
Hey Austin

Spring is here and poppies are in bloom and also there are bonnets of blue.
The grass is green but it could be brown by June.

I ate some migas about eight.
There were four or five salsas or was that seis
That's a little in-joke for the old Austin crew

Hey Austin, Hey Austin
Hey Austin

Everything is so familiar. Everything is so familiar.
Everything is so familiar. Everything is so familiar.

Everywhere I go I have a ton of friends
that maybe I can count in units of 10
If I don't know you now, it's likely our paths will cross.

If I arrive at the pearly gates
It'll look like the Springs when we're swimming late.
The ions and moonlight make us happy

Hey Austin, Hey Austin
Hey Austin, I love you.
Track Name: Jane Rearranged
My name is Jane Rearranged
Some things are different
Some are the same
You're not ready to unscramble my name
My name is Jane, rearranged
Track Name: Winterland
SAD Vitamin D
Please save some sun for me
All of my cousins have conceived

On the first day
My car
slips and slides around
the kids have found a snowy hill
and they slide down
Now it sparkles like icing
on a gingerbread house
soon it’s grey sludge
that I trudge through
with my spouse

Winterland was something that I’d left behind
A teenage girl waiting in a line for a show
wearing a tube top that sparkled while the other Slip Kids
drank their wine
on Pacific Time

I’m heading out
heading out
to Winterland
to Winterland

I am trapped under layers of cloth
fighting the lethargy
of a 3 toed sloth
chance encounter with a deer
on a cold winter walk

stuck shivering waiting for a cab
under dressed as New Year’s counted off
high hills slipping in the slushy splash
I wish I could shake these shoes off

I’m heading out
heading out
to Winterland
to Winterland
Track Name: Love Letters from Laos
Dear Audrey I’m 15
I saw you eating pizza down the street
You are so beautiful
I like Americans but don’t introduce me to your friends
I don’t think USA people like Laos

Dear Pompet, I’m 16
The best part of the American Dream
Thank you for your letters We can be pen pals.
Sorry that my grandpa bombed your grandma’s house

Love Letters from Laos
Love Letters from Laos
Track Name: Mary O'Shea
Mary O’Shea
Little secrets hidden away
Formed out of wax sealed up in clay
Mary O’ Mary O’ Mary O’ Shea

Cinnamon ,sugar blood and bone
Cinnamon, sugar blood and bone
Rememberences of a new home

Braid of hair and a leg of deer
Braid of hair and a leg of deer
I know you have questions
It all sounds so queer

How did they know? How was she found out?
I heard the butler was snooping around

Details in diaries
X’s on maps
Lead to discoveries never imagined

A flea and a louse
A flea and a louse
Strewn with fingernails around the house

Odd little treasures
stuck into orbs
Hidden in floorboards,
hidden in walls
Track Name: Devil I Know
He said he was a libertarian.
I asked how he was gonna vote.
I didn't like his answer
and I tried to persuade him.
he said I choose the devil he knows

I hear he's headed back to Bastrop
That's all he's ever really known
Take I-Ten back from Houston
Maybe he can get his job back
I guess he chose the devil he knew

the devil I know . the devil I know
the devil I know . the devil I know

snow cone angel with a devil may care attitude
she tries to scrape the gum off
her Woolworth's bought high heel shoes
toll roads and mini marts
strip malls on the way back home
make out time in a four wheeled drive
the devil's music
rock n' roll

Me, I've got people in Sharpstown
Him and me, we saw it different ways
It's not really all I wanted
but I know my way around
I guess I choose the devil I know.
Track Name: Hugs
Track Name: Sadie Saturday Nite
Sadie Saturday Nite was a mere 17
When she spotted a poster for the Nuns and Crime
She walked up Broadway up to the Mabuhay and asked them if they'd let in a minor

Sadie Saturday Nite had to think of a plan to get out of the house on a school night
She laced up her boots and made an excuse
She said mom I'm sleeping and Julie's.

Sadie Saturday Nite was overexcited
She'd seen a show about punk on tv
With Rotten nee Lydon
hosted by Tom Synder
the whole thing was anarchy
Track Name: Revolving Door
two blankets and a party dress
pillow fight
it really was a mess
feathers flying everywhere
but I don't care
until the morning

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